EPA Annual Report 1994-1995

Procedures: Definition of environment and limits of EPA responsibility; The basis of decision; The EPA plan; Understanding.
Major environmental issues: Coastal zone pressure and responses; Urbanisation; The Swan-Canning estuary; Potable water resources; Salinisation and groundwater table rise; Eutrophication and attendant water quality deterioration; Rangeland deterioration; Forests.
Legislation: Environmental Protection Act amendments; Planning Legislation Amendment Bill; Integration of planning and environmental processes.
Policy development: Process; Draft policies.
Environmental impact assessment: Process; Improving the process.
Pollution: Process; Air pollution; Water pollution; Noise; Odour; Contaminated sites; Transport of dangerous goods.
Consultation: EPA committees; Advisory Council to the EPA; Site visits; Meetings; Presentations.
Environmental studies: State of environment reporting; Perth photochemical smog study; Perth coastal waters studies; System 6 update; International, commonwealth and state agreements, and governance systems related to the environment.
Administration and support: Environmental Protection Authority; Department of Environmental Protection and the EPA; Meetings; Funding; Performance.
Appendix I: EPA members
Appendix II: Correspondence and reports presented to or considered by EPA in 1994-95
Appendix III: EPA formal assessments
Appendix IV: Finalised informal assessments in 1994-95
Appendix V: Other reports completed and submissions made in 1994-95

Published Date: 
October, 1995