EPA Annual Report 1993-1994

Environmental Protection Act: Environmental Protection Act Amendment; Objectives and Functions; Ministerial: EPA Members and Staff: Ministerial Decisions and EPA Advice: Relationship between the EPA, Minister and Department of Environmental Protection; Advisory Council to the EPA.
EPA Members
Procedures: EPA; Committees; Consultation; Studies.
Business:Environmental Protection Policies; Environmental Impact Assessment; Pollution Prevention.
EPA Strategy and Plan: Structure and Categories of Environmental Issues; Approach; Protection of the Total State of Western Australia; Specific Local and Regional Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development; Management and Technologies.
Funding: Performance; Finance.
Appendix I:: I: Issues
Appendix II: EPA formal assessments completed in 1993-94
Appendix Ill: Finalised informal assessments in 1993-94
Appendix IV: EPA Reports released in 1993-94

Published Date: 
October, 1994