1162 - Lake Wells Potash Project


Attachment 1 to Statement 1162 - Changes:
• Realignment of the on-playa development envelope and operations resulting in 498 ha increase in the development envelope and reduction of disturbance by 1,015 ha • Realignment of the off-playa development envelope and operations resulting in 2,199 ha reduction in development envelope and reduction in clearing of 247 ha • Increase the rate of brine abstraction in the first 16 years to 21.3 GL per annum with abstraction rates dropping during years 17 to 30, resulting in an overall abstraction of up to 597 GL over the life of the project • Increase in process/potable water abstraction by 0.3 GL per annum.

Changes approved under S45c on 25 January 2022.

Ministerial Statement File: 
Date of approval: 
February 1, 2021
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