0992 – Eglinton Beach Proposal


Amendment of conditions of Ministerial Statement 0150 for the development of residential, commercial and public open space land uses, a single entrance marina and the management of conservation areas on Lot 5000 and Part Lot 5001 Pipidinny Road and Part Lot 9005 Marmion Ave, Eglinton.

Attachment 1 - Reduce the original Conservation Area from 42 hectares to 41.8 hectares - s 45C change to proposal approved 9 February 2015.

Attachment 2 to Statement 992 - Increase the area to be set aside for Conservation from 41.8 ha to 41.94 ha. Change under s. 45C approved 29 August 2022

Ministerial Statement File: 
Date of approval: 
January 5, 2015
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