Tonkin Highway, Guildford Road to Great Eastern Highway Upgrade

Proposal description: 

The Commissioner of Main Roads is proposing to upgrade the section of Tonkin Highway between Guildford Road (Bayswater) and the Great Eastern Highway (Belmont).

The key components of the project are:

  • construction and operation of two new bridges over the Swan River
  • road widening, reconfiguration, and modification of existing interchanges
  • construction and operation of on/off ramps and collector distributor roads
  • connectivity of the principal shared path to and along Tonkin Highway.

The proposal area is 33.3 ha along a 150 metre wide corridor of the Tonkin Highway. Temporary dewatering will be required during bridge piling construction.

The proposal will result in clearing of:

  • up to 0.7 ha of native vegetation
  • up to 19.7 ha of suitable black cockatoo foraging habitat, 18.6 ha of which is moderate quality or below
  • up to 20.2 ha of potentially suitable black cockatoo roosting habitat
  • 88 potential black cockatoo breeding trees, three containing hollows.

Management and mitigation measures are proposed to be in place during the construction phase of this Proposal.

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Last updated: 
October 8, 2019
Current Status: 
Seven-day public comment period open
Seven-day public comment period open
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