Supplementary materials

Following consultation on the draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures undertaken in early 2021, supplementary material has been developed to help inform and guide stakeholders through implementation of amendments to Part IV of the Environmental Protection Act 1986.

Transitional arrangements have been prepared for the implementation of the EIA revised procedures suite. Advice for proponents through a range of potential scenarios, together with information on each stage of the assessment process is available through Transitional arrangements.

Supplementary material has also been prepared to provide more detail on how the EPA takes other decision-making processes into account, and information on the EPA’s expectations on environmental outcomes and outcomes-based conditions.

The Interim Guidance - Taking decision-making processes into account provides guidance to decision-making authorities, proponents and the public on matters the EPA may consider when taking into account other statutory decision-making processes.

The Interim Guidance - Outcomes and Outcomes-based conditions assists proponents to identify applicable environmental outcomes and outlines the EPA’s preference and process for setting outcome-based conditions.