Stakeholder Reference Group - Terms of Reference

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has overarching responsibility for the provision of advice to Government on environmental matters, and values stakeholder contribution in meeting this responsibility.

There is significant benefit in regular discussion and debate with an informed and diverse group of stakeholders and, to this end, the EPA's stakeholder reference group (SRG) helps build constructive working relationships between the EPA and its stakeholders. The SRG's work is primarily forward looking, providing advice on the policies, strategies and processes that frame the EPA's work.

Its considerations may extend to legislation, regulation and policy review and reform. The group has an informal liaison role rather than a formal advisory or decision-making role. The EPA recognises that the SRG is only effective if there is a high level of trust between all parties, a commitment on the EPA’s part to involve the group early in new initiatives, and a commitment from stakeholders to raise topics to be discussed and contribute constructively.

March 31, 2012