Thomsons Lake Urban Structure Study and South Jandakot Development Water Reserves (s46) [891]

Proposal description: 

Inquiry under s46 into a request to amend the conditions of Ministerial Statement 45 to defer construction of one component of the South Jandakot Drainage Management Plan, the South Jandakot Branch Drain.

The South Jandakot Drainage Management Plan was associated with the Thomsons Lake urban development and was formally assessed by the Environmental Protection Authority in 1987. Environmental Conditions were set by the Minister for the Environment. Any substantial change to the Drainage Management Plan was deemed to require assessment by the Environmental Protection Authority. The proposed deferral of the South Jandakot Branch Drain is the subject of this assessment.

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Last updated: 
February 20, 1998
Current Status: 
Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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