Rezoning, residential development to residential R-10 and caravan/chalet park Lot 6 and Pt Lot 64, Lloyd Avenue, Ravenswood

Proposal description: 

The proposal is for rezoning of Lot 6 and Part Lot 64 Lloyd Avenue Ravenswood from "Residential Development" to "Residential R-10" and "Caravan/Chalet Park".

Approval to subdivide and to develop the Chalet/Caravan Park will be sought at a later date.

Clean fill will be used to bring buildings such as the communal amenities block and private amenities blocks in the north-east corner to meet minimum floor levels recommended by the Water Authority.

It is proposed to grass the caravan park, however the proponent considers that based on experience with the Caravan Park to the south of the site, heavy fertiliser applications may not be necessary.

This assessment has resulted in two Ministerial Statements, one each for the developer, A P & M Boucaut (135), and the Shire of Murray (136).

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Last updated: 
May 2, 1991
Current Status: 
Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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