Port Hedland Green Steel Project - Stage 1

Proposal description: 

Port Hedland Green Steel Pty Ltd proposes to develop a large-scale downstream iron ore processing facility known as the Port Hedland Green Steel Project – Stage 1.  The proposal is located in the Boodarie Strategic Industrial Area (BSIA) approximately 10 km south-west of Port Hedland in the Pilbara region. 

The proposal will consist of a pellet plant and a hot briquette iron (HBI) plant, consuming approximately 3 - 3.5 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of iron ore.  Most of the pellets will be fed into the HBI plant to produce approximately 2 Mtpa HBI.  The remainder of the pellets (approximately 0.7 Mtpa) will be exported from the Port of Port Hedland as pellets.   

The proposal will include:  

• Iron ore processing facility (IOPF) comprising one pellet and one HBI plant producing approximately 2 Mtpa of HBI and 0.7 Mtpa of iron ore pellets.   

  • Hydrogen production and storage facilities for supply to the IOPF.   

  • Nitrogen plant.   

  • Supporting infrastructure such as:  

  • HBI and pellet handling and storage facilities  
  • flux storage  
  • administration and other non-process buildings  
  • workshops  
  • water storage areas  
  • magnetite concentrate handling facilities  
  • power production, management and transmission  
  • carbon capture, storage and transport infrastructure  
  • drainage and sediment control  
  • access roads.   

The above infrastructure will require the disturbance of up to 300 ha within the 518 ha Plant Development Envelope.   

Water, power and natural gas will be supplied by third parties and subject to separate approvals by the relevant third party and therefore do not form part of the proposal.   

The proposal also includes an Infrastructure Development Envelope of 466 ha to allow connection within the BSIA to third party suppliers as well as development of access roads and drainage for the proposal.  There will be up to 90 ha of clearing within the Infrastructure Development Envelope.

Referred under EP Act: 
Industry sector: 
Last updated: 
October 23, 2023
Current Status: 
Decision on whether to assess has been published
Decision on whether to assess has been published
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