Mulga Downs Hub and Rail Spur

Proposal description: 

The Mulga Downs Hub and Rail Spur (the Proposal) is located approximately 210 km south of Port Hedland and 180 km northwest of Newman in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The Proposal is for the development of a hub and rail spur to connect into the existing Roy Hill Railway for the transport of iron ore to Port Hedland.   

The Proposal includes truck unloading and train loading facilities, product rehandling facilities, stockyards, a laboratory, a rail loop and rail service tracks, lateral access roads, rail associated infrastructure including a rail spur line, passing loops, sidings, fibre optic cable, telecommunications towers, access tracks, borrow pits and laydown areas.  Additionally, the Proposal will contain bulk fuel storage and fuelling facility, energy supply infrastructure, ancillary buildings, wastewater treatment plant, accommodation village and an airstrip.  Included are access roads for haul, construction, and light vehicles. Construction and operations of water supply/bores and water storage will also be required.  

The Proposal is located within a Development Envelope no greater than 17,714.01 ha and will require clearing of no more than 2,304.74 ha of native vegetation.

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Last updated: 
January 18, 2023
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Seven-day public comment period open
Seven-day public comment period open
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