Hedges gold project, Boddington

Proposal description: 

The proposal is to establish a gold mining operation of up to 2 million tonnes per annum with a project life of 4-5 years. The mine is proposed to be located in State Forest, with processing and waste disposal facilities located on private land. The mine would be adjacent to the currently operating Boddington Gold Mines, and would mine the same ore body.

The proposed mine is located in the eastern, low rainfall. section of the Darling Range and also within the catchment area of the 34 Mile Brook. The main environmental issues were associated with salinity, jarrah dieback disease, residue disposal and rehabilitation of the site subsequent to decommissioning.

Assessment Number: 
Referred under EP Act: 
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Last updated: 
February 25, 1988
Current Status: 
Minister's appeals determinations published
Ministerial Statement published
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