Coral Coast Resort

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The proposal is for the first stage of a Coral Coast Resort (CCR), which includes tourist, residential and incidental commercial facilities centred around an inland marina, at the site called Mauds Landing. The CCR proposal envisages the establishment, in the first stage, of a marina, a caravan park, an interpretative centre, a back-packers facility, stage one of a resort complex, provision of utilities infrastructure and the preparation of land with services for sale at a later date. The CCR proposal assessed by the EPA in this report envisages a marina, a resort complex, private housing, a variety of short-stay accommodation, basic utilities infrastructure and associated commercial buildings and shops.

Mauds Landing is located in the southern portion of the Ningaloo Marine Park, approximately three kilometres north of the existing Coral Bay settlement. The marina and its associated facilities would provide an opportunity for people and boats to be housed and to have access through Bateman Bay into the wider Ningaloo Marine Park.

Note: The EPA recommended that this proposal should not be implemented unless the Government is able to develop sustainable planning processes and commit the necessary resources for the protection of environmental values of surrounding marine and coastal areas, including the existing township of Coral Bay. The Minister subsequently determined that the proposal should not be implemented.

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July 11, 2003
Current Status: 
Minister determined that the proposal should not be implemented
Minister determined that the proposal should not be implemented
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