Protection of naturally vegetated areas through planning and development (EPB 20)

This bulletin sets out the EPA’s views and expectations for the design of urban and peri-urban development proposals in order to protect naturally vegetated areas.

It will help planners and developers in the integration and consideration of naturally vegetated areas during all stages of the planning process, to meet the EPA’s environmental objectives for vegetation and flora, and terrestrial fauna.

This bulletin applies to strategic planning, structure plans, new schemes and scheme amendments, subdivision and development proposals, in urban and peri-urban areas of Western Australia.

It complements the principles set out in Guidance Statement 10 (EPA, 2006), Bush Forever (WAPC, 2000 and WAPC, 2010), the Clearing Principles in Schedule 5 of the Environmental Protection Act 1986, Guidance Statement 33 (EPA, 2008) and Liveable Neighbourhoods (WAPC, 2007).

The content of this guideline has not been updated to reflect the EPA’s revised policy framework.

Published Date: 
December 4, 2013
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