Pilbara Coastal Water Quality Consultation Outcomes

The region of interest comprises State marine waters from Exmouth Gulf to Cape Keraudren. The primary aim of the consultation was to assess the level of community support for the environmental quality management framework proposed and, in particular, to seek public input on how the environmental quality objectives and their levels of ecological protection should be allocated spatially throughout the region so as to protect environmental values held by the community. The maps of environmental quality in the report have been updated to reflect any changes approved by the Minister since the original report was published in 2006 and are available to download here. The maps are current and should be used by proponents to present the predicted impacts of new developments within the context of the proposed environmental quality objectives and levels of ecological protection.

Published Date: 
March 30, 2006
Revised Date: 
December 6, 2019
Guidelines and procedures: 
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