Office of the EPA determines one non-compliance on Roe Highway Extension

Release date: 
March 29, 2017

An environmental audit on the clearing for the Roe Highway Extension, which is now on hold, found Main Roads WA and construction contractors displayed a “high level of commitment and performance” in implementing environmental approval conditions and management plans.

However the audit identified one minor area for improvement in regards to the correct signage for dieback and weeds.

Office of the Environmental Protection Authority General Manager Kim Taylor said the proponent did not erect signs at mulch stockpiles indicating the weed or dieback status of the mulch and source location of the mulch – a requirement of the Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP).

Mr Taylor said as the CEMP was not fully implemented, he determined this resulted in one action of non-compliance.

However, the audit also found that other equally important management actions and procedures to prevent the spread of weeds, disease and pathogens were implemented. The audit concluded this minor matter “did not result in any observable environmental impacts beyond the scope of the approval”.

The OEPA has instructed Main Roads WA to correct the signage by March 31, 2017 to ensure any future rehabilitation of the site is properly managed.

Conducted by an independent environmental consultant, the audit assessed the initial clearing stage of the project from December 6, 2016 to February 10, 2017 and was finalised on March 20, 2017. An audit report for the second month of clearing is expected shortly.

Download the audit report here.

Media Contact: Nadia Miraudo 0400 866 450

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