Hope Valley-Wattleup Redevelopment Project Master Plan

Scheme/scheme amendment
Responsible Authority: 
Western Australian Land Authority

The Hope Valley Wattleup Redevelopment Project Master Plan is a scheme pursuant to the Environmental Protection Act 1986. In accordance with the requirements of the Hope Valley-Wattleup Redevelopment Act 2000, the scheme was referred to the EPA for the EPA to make a decision on whether or not to assess the scheme.

The Redevelopment Area is close to coastal industrial development that includes the Kwinana Industrial Area, Western Australia’s main heavy industry location. The Master Plan proposes a change in land use for the Redevelopment Area to predominantly industrial and commercial land uses. Current land uses are mixed and include two townsites, extractive industries, other industry, waste disposal, market gardens, turf farms, nurseries and other rural uses, rural residential, cleared land and bushland.

The Redevelopment Area is:

  • within the buffer of the State’s main heavy industrial area;
  • within the catchment of Cockburn Sound, the State’s most used embayment, where water quality is of significant concern; and
  • an area where environmental issues are of high concern to the community.
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Last updated: 
Tuesday, 9 November, 2004
Current status: 
Ministerial Statement published