Evaluating the environmental condition of Weeli Wolli Creek

This report outlines the EPA's evaluation of Weeli Wolli Creek to better understand the environmental outcomes achieved since mining began in the catchment.

The Weeli Wolli Creek system has high environmental value and the catchment contains extensive iron ore deposits. Activities from operating mines have the potential to place pressure on the creek and cause cumulative impacts.

The evaluation focused on the area surrounding Weeli Wolli Spring and the EPA's environmental factors of Hydrological Processes and Flora and Vegetation. The EPA reviewed and analysed a range of information which included EPA assessment reports, documentation supplied by proponents, site visits, and analysing climate and water data.

From the evaluation, the EPA has concluded that the Environmental Impact Assessment process has been effective in predicting impacts to this stage of mining development and management measures appear to have been effective. Overall the Weeli Wolli Creek system has largely responded as predicted.

The EPA will use findings from the evaluation project to inform and guide its processes as part of its ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

February 19, 2018