Customer Service Charter

This Customer Service Charter describes our commitment to service and outlines the overall standards of service you can expect to receive from the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority.

The OEPA welcomes feedback, including complaints, about our operations or services. Feedback helps us identify opportunities for continuous improvement to ensure that we are providing high quality services and maintaining effective relationships with our stakeholders. The OEPA is committed to managing complaints in an accountable, transparent and responsive way.


This policy applies to feedback about services or operations provided by the OEPA and covers all directorate and branches that are involved in any way in the provision of customer services.

This policy applies to the following complaints:

  • Customer service complaints where a customer believes that the OEPA has failed to meet the normal standards for a product or service that was delivered or should have been delivered including complaints about the OEPA service delivery, services, policies, procedures and staff conduct. Go to our online web-form.

Other policies apply to the following complaints:

  • Regulatory complaints about the implementation of a proposal, which may lead to a breach of the statutory conditions of Ministerial Statements issued under s45(5) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986. (Our on-line web form can be used to request information on the regulatory complaint process).
  • Complaints / feedback about the EPA decision not to assess a proposal or about the content of, and recommendations in, an EPA report at the conclusion of an assessment process. For information on the appeals process see
September 30, 2016