City of Perth Local Planning Scheme 26 Amendment 4

Scheme/scheme amendment
Responsible Authority: 
City of Perth

The City of Perth proposes to introduce several redevelopment precincts into its Local Planning Scheme 26 (LPS 26). The redevelopment precincts are currently under the planning control of the Central Perth Redevelopment Scheme, with Development WA as the responsible authority. Amendment 4 is a part of the process known as Normalisation, which is the transition of planning control from Development WA as a redevelopment authority to a local government and the WAPC.

LPS 26 contains provisions for the planning and development control of Normalised Redevelopment Areas, including land uses and built form guidance, and operates in conjunction with City Planning Scheme 2. The existing land use and development controls specific to the redevelopment precincts will be transferred to LPS 26 when the Central Perth Redevelopment Scheme ceases to operate.

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Last updated: 
Wednesday, 23 December, 2020
Current status: 
Decision on whether to assess has been published