EPA Annual Report 2014-2015

Letter to the Minister
Message from the Chairman
About the EPA: Legislative framework; Functions of the Authority; An ongoing reform journey; Major policy and process improvements in 2014–15; EPA decision-making; How does the EPA apply the precautionary principle?; Role of EPA strategic advice; Case study: When a referral is not a referral; Western Australia’s environmental challenge.
Land: Key issue: Rehabilitation of disturbed landscapes; Case studies in post-mining rehabilitation; Key issue: Guidance on the Landforms factor; Pressure point: Phytophthora dieback threat; Key issue: Pastoral lease exclusions; Success story: Lerista nevinae.
Sea: Key issue: Establishing environmental quality objectives for the marine waters of offshore islands and atolls; Key issue: Conservation values of the east coast of Exmouth Gulf; Key issue: The importance of understanding natural variability; Success story: New understandings on the impacts of dredging.
Water: Pressure point: The Peel-Harvey Estuary; Key issue: Shale and tight gas.
Air: Key issue: EPA approach to considering greenhouse gas emissions through the EIA process; Key issue: EPA advice on air quality in the Perth and Peel regions
People: Key issue: Separation distances.
Other issues: Key issue: Planning and Development Act 2005 reforms and scheme referrals; Key issue: Strategic Assessment of the Perth and Peel regions.
The Authority: The EPA Board; EPA meetings and stakeholder engagement; Stakeholder Reference Group; Public consultation; Student support.

Published Date: 
September, 2015