EPA Annual Report 1998-1999

Chairman’s Overview
Custodial Responsibilities: Water for the environment; Landclearing; Biodiversity ; Social surroundings.
Major Environmental Issues: Dryland salinity; Greenhouse effect; Perth’s Bushplan; Compliance with Forest Management Plans; Biological survey requirements; Maximising environmental benefits from project EIA; Special areas; Projects impacting upon National Parks; Perth’s Coastal Waters Studies; North West Shelf Marine Environmental Management Study; Shark Bay; Peel-Harvey Management Strategy.
Assessment of Major Projects: The importance of context in EIA; Developments in Cockburn Sound; Industrial infrastructure & harbour development, Jervoise Bay; Mineral sands mining at Jangardup; Proposed gypsum mining, Red Lake; Derby Tidal Power Project;
Murrin Murrin; Busselton Waste Water Treatment Plant; Ord River Irrigation; Water allocation; Planning schemes.
Industrial Estates: Kemerton; Boodarie; Oakajee; Maitland.
Policy Development: Environmental Protection Policies; Position Statements; Guidance Statements.
Legislation Issues: Waste Management WA; Dairy Regulations.
Proposed changes to EPA Administrative Procedures
Site Visits carried out by the EPA
Advisory Council to the Environmental Protection Authority
1. The EPA and its role
2. Formal assessments
3. Section 16(e) advice
4. Position Statements
5. Guidance Statements
6. Site visits carried out by the EPA
7. Financial report

Published Date: 
October, 1999