EPA Annual Report 1996-1997

Chairman's overview
EPA Members
Procedures: How the EPA works; Approach taken by the EPA; EPA Plan.
Major environmental and pollution issues: State of Environment reporting; Science, uncertainty and environmental protection; Environmental Risk Assessment; Industrial estates; Environment and-land-use; Salinity; Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on clearing; System 6 Update - Perth Bushplan; Contaminated sites and re-development; Perth air quality; Forest assessments; Mount Walton waste disposal facility.
Policy development: State groundwater EPP; State coastal waters EPP; Swan Canning EPP; South West wetlands EPP.
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Management Systems
Legislative issues: Cockburn Cement court case; Proposed changes to the Environmental Protection Act; Planning legislation.
Administration and support: Environmental Protection Authority; Department of Environmental Protection and the EPA; Meetings; Consultation; Advisory Council to the Environmental Protection Authority; Site visits; Meetings; Presentations; Funding; EPA performance.
Appendix 1. Formal assessments
Appendix 2. Finalised informal assessments
Appendix 3. Finalised schemes not assessed, advice given
Appendix 4. Section 16 reports

Published Date: 
October, 1997