EPA and OEPA Annual Report 2011-2012

From 2009-2010 to 2011-2012, the EPA and OEPA annual reports were combined as much of the information was common to both entities.

PART 1 - Executive summary and significant issues
Message from the Chairman
General Manager’s overview
PART 2 - Relationship between the EPA and OEPA and legislative framework
Relationship between the EPA and OEPA; Legislative framework and specific responsibilities under the Environmental Protection Act 1986; Subsidiary legislation: Changes and updates during 2011—12.
PART 3 - Environmental Protection Authority
Attendance at meetings; EPA Strategic Plan.
Provide early strategic advice and guidance: Policy, guidelines and strategic advice; Environmental Assessment Guideline for Marine Dredging Proposals (EAG 7); Environmental Protection Bulletin 14 - Guidance for the assessment of benthic primary producer
habitat loss in and around Port Hedland; Fortescue Marsh strategic guidance; Strategic Assessment of the Perth-Peel Region and development of EPA Strategic Advice; Subterranean fauna; State Environmental (Cockburn Sound) Policy 2005; Waste to Energy; Environmental Protection (South West Agriculture Zone Wetlands) Policy 1998; Environmental Protection (Western Swamp Tortoise Habitat) Policy 2011; Hydraulic Fracturing of Gas Reserves – Environmental Protection Bulletin 15; Minor or Preliminary Works and Investigation Works – Environmental Protection Bulletin 16; Strategic and Derived Proposals – Environmental Protection Bulletin 17; Sea Level Rise – Environmental Protection Bulletin 18.
Enhance the value placed by the community on the environment: Public reports and recommendations; Community engagement; Stakeholder Reference Group; Site visits; EPA website and newsletter.
Reform business practices to improve certainty, rigour and timeliness: Reform initiatives in 2011—2012; Outcome of consultation on conditions; Defining the Key Characteristics of a Proposal - Environmental Assessment Guideline 1; Changes to Proposals after Assessment – Environmental Assessment Guideline 2; Shared Environmental Assessment Knowledge (SEAK) Project; Bilateral Agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Western Australia relating to Environmental Impact Assessment.
PART 4 - Office of the Environmental Protection Authority
Organisational structure: Assessment and Compliance Division; Strategic Policy and Planning Division; Business Operations Division; Strategic Support Division.
Performance management framework
Performance analysis and trends: Resource agreement; Financial targets; Key Performance Indicators.
Environmental Impact Assessment and Policies: Overview; Mining and industrial - Iron ore, Uranium, Oil and gas, Coal, Other; Planning and infrastructure - Planning, Infrastructure, Other; Post approval assessment; Policy development and strategic planning - Greenhouse Gas Conditions, Marine Technical Report No.4: Petroleum hydrocarbon content of shoreline sediment and intertidal biota at selected sites in the Kimberley bioregion, Western Australia, Background water quality in the Kimberley region, Dredging Science Node – Western Australian Marine Science Institution, Introduced Marine Pests; Reform initiatives - Aboriginal heritage, OEPA Key Performance Indicators.
Environmental Compliance Audits: Overview; Compliance and audit activity.
PART 5 - Disclosures and legal compliance
Financial Statements: Certification of Financial Statements.
Key Performance Indicators: Certification of Key Performance Indicators.
Other disclosures: Ministerial directives; Other financial disclosures (TI 903); Pricing Policies of Services Provided; Governance disclosures (TI 903); Contracts with senior officers; Other legal requirements; Expenditure on advertising, market research, polling and direct mail; Disability Access and inclusion plan outcomes (Disability Services Act 1993, s29 and Schedule 3 of the Disability Services Regulations 2004); Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Management Outcomes; Compliance with Public Sector Standards and Ethic Codes; Recordkeeping Plans; Government Policy Requirements; Occupational Safety, Health and Injury Management - Harmonised OSH laws – Work Health and Safety legislation.
Appendix 1 - Public reports and recommendations to the Minister for Environment
Appendix 2 - Section 45C approved changes to proposals
Appendix 3 - Other publications
Appendix 4 - Acronyms

Published Date: 
September, 2012