Spotlight on the environment - our growing capital city

In August 2015, the EPA released Perth and Peel @3.5 million: environmental impacts risks and remedies. This interim strategic advice provided vital input to the Perth and Peel strategic assessment being undertaken by the State and Commonwealth governments.

The EPA’s advice covered the critical environmental areas of water and air quality, impacts to human health, and biodiversity matters such as wetlands and bushland conservation. The draft Strategic Assessment of the Perth and Peel Regions (the Green Growth Plan) was released in December 2015 for a four-month public comment period. The EPA was pleased to note that the majority of its recommendations relating to environmental factors were addressed in some form in the draft commitments.

In order to understand and comment on the overall picture for the environment of the Perth and Peel regions for the next 30 years, the EPA believes that the most appropriate time to provide the Minister with its final advice on the outcomes of the strategic assessment will be after the State has publicly released the final strategic conservation plan, associated action plans and the impact assessment reports. This will allow the EPA to consider proposed impacts from the development footprints, and the State’s proposed avoidance, mitigation, and offset strategies to minimise the environmental impact of the future development. The EPA will then consider its ongoing role in environmental impact assessment in the Perth and Peel regions and advise the Minister accordingly. Until that time the EPA will continue its usual function under Part IV of the Environmental Protection Act 1986.