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  1. Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale Town Planning Scheme 2 Amendment 189

    Rezoning from Rural to Rural Living A, Lot 304 Hardey Road, Serpentine.

  2. Shire of Roebourne Town Planning Scheme 8 Amendment 33

    Rezoning from Rural to Industrial, North Location 4, Roebourne.

  3. Shire of Kalamunda Local Planning Scheme 3 Amendment 57

    The proposed amendment is rezoning from Special Rural to Special Use (Residential Aged Care), Lot 500 (32) Gavour Road, Wattle Grove. 

    The EPA has sought and received advice regarding the potential environmental impacts of the proposed Residential Aged Care Facility from the Department of Health (DoH), the Swan River Trust (SRT), the Department of Water (DoW) and the Department of Environment Regulation (DER).

  4. Shire of Cunderdin Town Planning Scheme 3 Amendment 2

    The proposed amendment is rezonlng to General Agriculture Lot 8901 (Reserve 10106) and Lot 6110 (Reserve 9224) Great Eastern Highway. Cunderin.

  5. Shire of Ravensthorpe Town Planning Scheme 5 Amendment 25

    Rezoning from General Agriculture to Rural Conservation No. 9 and Special Use No. 16.

  6. Shire of Manjimup Local Planning Scheme 4 Amendment 14

    Rezoning from General Agriculture to Rural-Residential, Lot 24 of Nelson Locations 1772 and 3776 Conte Road and Vasse Highway, Pemberton.

  7. Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1267/57

    Rationalisation of Pt Lots 40 and 41 River Avenue, Maddington.

  8. Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1266/57

    Rosehill Golf Course Redevelopment City of Swan

  9. City of Stirling Local Planning Scheme 3 Amendment 42

    Rezoning from Regional Reserve - Parks and Recreation to Development Zone. The EPA considers its previous advice regarding the proposed Metropolitan Region Scheme amendment dated 8 March 2013 still stands.

  10. City of Rockingham Town Planning Scheme 2 Amendment 145

    Rezoning from Rural to Special Rural and Development (various locations).