Submissions library

As part of the EPA’s consultation on its greenhouse gas assessment guidance, public submissions were invited for a period of 12 weeks, starting on Monday 10 June 2019 and closing on Monday 2 September 2019.

The EPA received 6948 submissions of which:

  • 6655 were campaign pro-forma submissions
  • 293 were individual submissions from private citizens, organisations, companies, industry bodies and academic and community groups

The submissions present a diversity of views on suitable EPA guidelines for assessing greenhouse gas emissions in Western Australia.

Individual submissions have been published under the first name of the submitter.

For those who made a submission through a campaign, you will find your submission listed under the relevant campaign organiser listed below:



  'Big Polluters'

  Conservation Council of Western Australia

  'Protect Against Fracking'

  Frack Free Future and Conservation Council of Western Australia


  The Wilderness Society Ltd

  'Protect Sea Turtles'

  Conservation Council of Western Australia

  'Take Action'

  Clean State and Conservation Council of Western Australia

  'WA Emissions'

  Lock the Gate Alliance and Frack Free WA

  'Stop Big Money Polluters'

  Clean State and Conservation Council of Western Australia

The EPA has published a summary of the key themes raised in the submissions.

The EPA thanks those who took the time to make a submission and is currently reviewing all submissions in developing its new guidance.

Personal contact information, including email addresses, postal addresses and phone numbers, has not been published. Personal identifying information about individuals and crude or abusive language has also been removed where necessary. Six of the submitters requested the content of their submissions remained confidential. While we have listed the names/organisations of these submitters alongside all other submissions, the content of their submissions has not been published in the library.

In publishing these submissions the EPA is neither endorsing nor validating their content and will not engage in public debate about individual submissions. The EPA will consider these submissions in developing its revised greenhouse gas assessment guidance.

Finding submissions

Submissions are listed in alphabetical order by first name or name of organisation.

To access submissions:

  • Click on a letter below to find submissions listed under that letter.
  • Click on the name of the person or organisation to open the submission in PDF or Word format.