FAQs - Greenhouse gas assessment guidance consultation

Frequently asked questions

Why is the EPA carrying out public consultation?
The EPA provides independent environmental advice to the state government and has provided advice on greenhouse gas emissions for proposals in Western Australia for more than 20 years.

The EPA recognises there is strong public and industry interest in our greenhouse gas assessment guidance.

The consultation will allow the community and industry to comment on how the EPA should consider greenhouse gas emissions when assessing significant proposals in Western Australia.

Is this an opportunity to comment on the state’s climate change policy?
No. This consultation is about the greenhouse gas guidance that informs how the EPA assesses projects in Western Australia.

In December 2018, the state government announced it would develop a new, co-ordinated climate change policy for the state. This work is underway.

How long is the consultation open for?
The consultation period is open for 12 weeks from Monday 10 June 2019 to Monday 2 September 2019.

Anyone can make a submission on our community engagement platform, Consultation Hub.

If you are unable to make a submission online, you can:

  • email your submission to greenhousegasconsult@epa.wa.gov.au
  • or send hard copy submissions to:
    EPA Greenhouse Gas Guidance Consultation
    Locked Bag 10
    Joondalup DC
    WA 6919

What happens to my submission?
It is important that the consultation be carried out with the highest possible level of transparency and participation.

All submissions will be reviewed by the EPA and considered. All submissions will then be published on the EPA website.

The names of the submitters will also be published.

When will the EPA publish its new assessment guidance?
The EPA intends to publish its new greenhouse gas assessment guidance in December 2019.

Who decides the revised guidance?
Decisions about the EPA’s guidelines are made by the EPA members. The EPA has five members: a full-time Chairman, a part-time Deputy Chairman and three part-time members. As it does with all its guidelines, the EPA will consult its Stakeholder Reference Group in the development of its guidelines.

Can anyone make a submission?
Yes. To make a submission, visit the EPA's Consultation Hub.

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