EPA Report 1363 - Australind Plant Noise Regulation 17 Variation

Release date: 
02 August 2010

The Environmental Protection Authority has released its report and recommendations to the Minister for Environment on an application by Millennium Inorganic Chemicals Ltd for a variation to the assigned noise levels under regulation 17 of the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 to apply to its Australind Plant, located at Lot 4 Old Coast Road.

Noise regulation 17 provides that, “where a person is of the opinion that he or she cannot reasonably or practicably comply with a standard prescribed under these regulations … that person may apply to the Minister for approval to allow the emission of noise in that case to exceed or vary from the standard.

EPA Chairman Paul Vogel said that MIC has made continuing efforts to mitigate noise impacts with about $2.3 million spent on noise control since 2000.

‘In light of these extensive noise mitigation efforts and the current noise emission levels, MIC cannot reasonably be expected to comply with the noise regulations,’ Dr Vogel said.

‘With the increasing residential density surrounding the plant and the nearest residents being only 150 metres from the northern plant boundary, noise emitted from Australind Plant exceeds prescribed noise limits at nearby residences under certain weather conditions.

‘The recommended approval will not allow any increase over levels of noise currently being emitted from Australind Plant.’

The recommended noise limits and conditions for Millennium Inorganic Chemicals to comply with are outlined in the EPA Report.

MIC has conducted extensive consultation with its neighbours and local shire councillors on its Noise Management Plan and its application for the noise regulation 17 variation. Most of its neighbours were interested in learning about regulation 17 variations and were not disturbed by the plant noise.

EPA Report 1363 is available at www.epa.wa.gov.au. Comments (closing 30/8/10) should be addressed to: (Dr) Jingnan Guo, Department of Environment and Conservation, Locked Bag 104 Bentley DC WA 6983 or emailed to Jingnan.guo@dec.wa.gov.au. No fee applies.

EPA Media contact: Charlie Maling, 6467 5415, 0400 866 450.

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