EPA Report 1358 - Collie Urea Project Shotts Industrial Park, Shire of Collie and Port of Bunbury

Release date: 
10 May 2010

The Environmental Protection Authority has released advice and recommendations to the Minister for Environment on the proposal to establish a urea production plant in the proposed Shotts Industrial Park, 7.5 kilometres east of Collie, by Perdaman Chemicals and Fertilisers Pty Ltd (Perdaman).

The plant would process coal mined from the Griffin coal mine north of the Shotts Industrial Park into urea which would be transported by rail to Bunbury Port for export.

EPA Chairman Paul Vogel said that it is unlikely that the EPA’s objectives would be compromised, provided there is satisfactory implementation by the proponent of the recommended conditions.

‘The Collie Urea Plant would be a minor contributor of emissions to the Collie airshed, however, the fact that there are predicted exceedances of national standards means the EPA’s objectives will only be met provided the emissions from the Muja A/B powerstations are appropriately addressed during its refurbishment,’ Dr Vogel said.

‘The Plant would be a significant emitter of greenhouse gases and with the continued uncertainty over a Commonwealth carbon market, the EPA has recommended greenhouse gas abatement conditions addressing carbon capture and storage.

‘The Shotts Industrial Park will have five development areas available so to prevent the Collie Urea Plant from constraining future industries within the Shotts Industrial Park, the EPA has recommended a condition specifying noise criteria at the buffer boundary.

‘Black Cockatoo nesting trees which are removed during construction are recommended to be replaced with artificial nesting boxes on a six-for-one basis.’

EPA Report 1358 is available at www.epa.wa.gov.au. There is a two week public appeal period on the report closing COB 24 May, 2010.

EPA Media contact: Charlie Maling, 6467 5415, 0400 866 450

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