EPA Report 1349 - Bluewaters Power Station Expansion - Phase III and Phase IV, Collie

Release date: 
08 March 2010

The Environmental Protection Authority has released advice and recommendations to the Minister for Environment on the proposal by Griffin Power 3 Pty Ltd to construct and operate Bluewaters Power Station Phases III and IV, an approximately 63 km long wastewater discharge pipeline, and an ocean outfall north of the Leschenault Inlet at Buffalo Road.

EPA Chairman Paul Vogel said that the EPA has concluded that it is unlikely that the EPA's objectives would be compromised provided there is satisfactory implementation by the proponent of the recommended conditions.

"The results obtained from the health risk assessment indicate that atmospheric emissions from the proposed generating plants are unlikely to have a significant impact on human health at nearby sensitive receptors.

"The emissions from the Muja A and B generating plants are predicted to have the most significant impact in this regard.

"Predicted exceedances of the National Environment Protection Measure (NEPM) standard are largely due to SO2 emissions from Muja Power Station. The NEPM standard is not predicted to be exceeded within the Collie town site.

"The EPA has recommended a condition to limit stack emissions from the Bluewaters Phase III and IV generating plants.

"For greenhouse gas emissions the proponent has indicated that the proposed generating plants would be designed and constructed to be 'carbon capture and storage' ready in general accordance with the International Energy Agency criteria.

"However, the 'where, when and how' of the carbon capture and storage has not been delineated by the proponent and the likelihood that carbon capture and storage will become technically and commercially viable in the near future is uncertain.

"Among other greenhouse gas – related conditions the EPA has recommended a condition requiring retrofitting of carbon capture and storage within 5 years of the technology becoming economically and technically proven.

EPA Report 1349 is available at www.epa.wa.gov.au. There is a two week public appeal period on the report closing COB 22nd March, 2009.

EPA Media contact: Charlie Maling, 6467 5415, 0400 866 450

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