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Category: Other advice

The main purposes of this document are: to provide information and advice to assist participants in land use planning and development processes to protect, conserve and enhance the environment, and to describe the processes the EPA may apply under the EP Act to land use planning and...

Category: EIA Procedures Manual

The EPA’s Environmental Impact Assessment (Part IV Divisions 1 and 2) Procedures Manual provides guidance, primarily for proponents and consultants, on the environmental impact assessment process for proposals. The Procedures Manual supports the Administrative Procedures and contains more...
EIA Procedures Manual (PDF, 516.66 KB)516.66 KB

Category: Environmental Protection Policies

Kwinana is a major heavy industrial area 30 km south of Perth, Western Australia. Most industry is concentrated in a strip of land about eight kilometres long bordering the Indian Ocean. In the late 1970s emissions of sulfur dioxide from Kwinana industries caused significant pollution in nearby...

Category: Environmental Protection Policies

The purpose of this policy is: to set out environmental quality objectives for the Estuary which if achieved will rehabilitate the Estuary and protect the Estuary from further degradation; and to outline the means by which the environmental quality objectives for the Estuary are to be...

Category: Technical and reference docs

The EPA has established an environmental quality management framework for Cockburn Sound, which has been given effect through the State Environmental (Cockburn Sound) Policy 2015 (Government of Western Australia, 2015). The framework is underpinned by established environmental values and clearly...