Iron Valley Above Watertable Mining Project


This report provides the Environmental Protection Authority’s advice and recommendations to the Minister for Environment on the proposal to develop an iron ore mine on the Iron Valley tenement by Iron Ore Holdings Ltd.

Download the proponent's API document here (pdf 8.60 Mb)

Download appendices to the proponent's API document:

Appendix A - EIA Scoping Report (pdf 1.42 Mb)

Appendix B - Iron Valley groundwater assessment (pdf 18 Mb)

Appendix C - Flora and vegetation survey (pdf 12.3 Mb)

Appendix D - Subterranean fauna assessment (pdf 7.06 Mb)

Appendix E - Soils and landforms preliminary studies (pdf 4.29 Mb)

Appendix F - Aboriginal Heritage Enquiry System results (pdf 922 kb)

Appendix G - Acid and metalliferous drainage assessment and management strategy (pdf 356 kb)

Release Date: 7 January 2013
Proponent: Iron Ore Holdings Ltd
Status: Final
Report Number: 1463
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