Post assessment

Instructions for request to change implementation conditions

The purpose of the instructions it to assist proponents to prepare a request for a change to implementation conditions of an approved Ministerial Statement.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) requires that proponents use the Form for all requests relating to changes to implementation conditions, so that it receives sufficient information about the requested changes to decide whether or not to assess it, and to determine the process for assessment.

Instructions on how to prepare Environmental Protection Act 1986 Part IV Environmental Management Plans

The purpose of these instructions is to assist proponents to prepare Environmental Management Plans that may be provided at referral, required during an assessment by the EPA, or required as an implementation condition under Part IV of the Environmental Protection Act 1986.

For some of the EPA’s environmental factors there is additional guidance on the development of Environmental Management Plans. Refer to the relevant technical guidance in the EPA’s Framework for environmental considerations in EIA.

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