EPA Annual Report

EPA Annual Report 1993-1994

Environmental Protection Act: Environmental Protection Act Amendment; Objectives and Functions; Ministerial: EPA Members and Staff: Ministerial Decisions and EPA Advice: Relationship between the EPA, Minister and Department of Environmental Protection; Advisory Council to the EPA.
EPA Members
Procedures: EPA; Committees; Consultation; Studies.
Business:Environmental Protection Policies; Environmental Impact Assessment; Pollution Prevention.

EPA Annual Report 1994-1995

Procedures: Definition of environment and limits of EPA responsibility; The basis of decision; The EPA plan; Understanding.
Major environmental issues: Coastal zone pressure and responses; Urbanisation; The Swan-Canning estuary; Potable water resources; Salinisation and groundwater table rise; Eutrophication and attendant water quality deterioration; Rangeland deterioration; Forests.

EPA Annual Report 1995-1996

Chairman's letter
EPA members
How the EPA works: Approach taken by EPA.
EPA plan
Major environmental and pollution issues: State of Environment reporting; Salinity Strategy for the South-West; Resources development; South-West flora; Port development and risk; Air quality; Environment and land use; System 6 Update; Contaminated sites and redevelopment; Waste management; 1997 report on the Forest Management Plan 1994-2003.

EPA Annual Report 1996-1997

Chairman's overview
EPA Members
Procedures: How the EPA works; Approach taken by the EPA; EPA Plan.
Major environmental and pollution issues: State of Environment reporting; Science, uncertainty and environmental protection; Environmental Risk Assessment; Industrial estates; Environment and-land-use; Salinity; Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on clearing; System 6 Update - Perth Bushplan; Contaminated sites and re-development; Perth air quality; Forest assessments; Mount Walton waste disposal facility.

EPA Annual Report 1997-1998

Chairman's Overview
The Environmental Protection Authority
General approach taken by the EPA
Role of the proponent
EPA linkage with government agencies: Department of Environmental Protection; The Ministry for Planning and Western Australian Planning Commission; The Water and Rivers Commission; The Department of Conservation and Land Management.

EPA Annual Report 1998-1999

Chairman’s Overview
Custodial Responsibilities: Water for the environment; Landclearing; Biodiversity ; Social surroundings.
Major Environmental Issues: Dryland salinity; Greenhouse effect; Perth’s Bushplan; Compliance with Forest Management Plans; Biological survey requirements; Maximising environmental benefits from project EIA; Special areas; Projects impacting upon National Parks; Perth’s Coastal Waters Studies; North West Shelf Marine Environmental Management Study; Shark Bay; Peel-Harvey Management Strategy.


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