Kintyre Uranium Project


This report provides the Environmental Protection Authority’s advice and recommendations to the Minister for Environment on the proposal by Cameco Australia Pty Ltd to develop the Kintyre uranium mine and access road located 270 kilometres north-east of Newman. The proposal includes the construction of associated mine infrastructure, including mineral processing facilities, offices, accommodation and the discharge of waste to a Tailings Management Facility.

Download the proponent's response to submissions and appendices.

Release Date: 28 July 2014

Proponents response to matters raised by the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority and the Department of the Environment. (pdf 329 kb)

Proponent's response to submissions. (pdf 753 kb)

Attachments to the response to submissions:

Attachment 1. Salinity Plume Seepage Modelling Report (pdf 1.09 Mb)

Attachment 2. Dames and Moore Report 1996 (pdf 4.62 Mb)

Attachment 3. Impact of Pit Void Lakes on Fauna (pdf 282 kb)

Attachment 4. Radiation Protection Program (pdf 219 kb)

Attachment 5. Geological Map (pdf 1.12 Mb)

Attachment 6. GCA Geochemical Characterisation (pdf 2.13 Mb)

Attachment 7. CSA Global-Geochemical Characterisation (pdf 1.99 Mb)

Attachment 8. Kintyre Surface Water Memo (pdf 912 kb)

Attachment 9. HS Veg and Flora Studies 1986 - 1992 (pdf 2.3 Mb)

Attachment 10. HS Extension of Veg Mapping, April 1997 (pdf 1.93 Mb)

Attachment 11. Rock Wallaby Study May 2014 (pdf 861 kb)

Proponent: Cameco Australia Pty Ltd
Status: Final
Report Number: 1522
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