North Star Magnetite Project


This report provides the Environmental Protection Authority’s advice and recommendations to the Minister for Environment on the proposal by the Fortescue Metals Group Iron Bridge to develop the North Star Magnetite open cut iron ore mine and associated infrastructure 110 km south-south-east of Port Hedland. The proposal includes a borefield and adjoining water pipeline 160 km north-east of the mine site and a slurry corridor connecting the mine to facilities in Port Hedland.

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Release Date: 23 June 2014

Proponent's PER documents

NB: Due to the large size of the original documents presented on CD in hardcopies of this report, the files below have been extracted separately for convenience.

PER document - main section (pdf 3.49 Mb)

PER Appendix 1 - Environmental Scoping Document (pdf 2.40 Mb)

PER Appendix 2 - Geographic extents of the project (pdf 30.2 kb)

PER Appendix 3 - Geochemical assessment (pdf 23 Mb)

PER Appendix 4 - Soil and landform assessment (pdf 5.18 Mb)

PER Appendix 5 - Hydrology report (pdf 6.06 Mb)

PER Appendix 6 - Hydrogeological studies (zip 11.5 Mb)

PER Appendix 7a - Access Road Flora and vegetation survey report (pdf 15.7 Mb)

PER Appendix 7b - Mine area Flora and vegetation survey report (pdf 12.7 Mb)

PER Appendix 7c - Pityrodia sp. Marble Bar Survey Report (pdf 11.1 Mb)

PER Appendix 7d - Water Corridor Zone Flora and vegetation survey report (pdf 8.46 Mb)

PER Appendix 8a - Fauna habitats and fauna assemblage - FMG Rail (pdf 8.25 Mb)

PER Appendix 8b - Fauna survey report (pdf 23.6 Mb)

PER Appendix 8c - Mine area - Conservation Significant fauna and habitat (pdf 2.66 Mb)

PER Appendix 8d - Mine area - Phase 1 Bat vibration study (pdf 2.75 Mb)

PER Appendix 8e - Mine area - Targeted survey report (pdf 33.8 Mb)

PER Appendix 8f - Water Corridor Zone fauna survey report (includes SRE) (pdf 28.9 Mb)

PER Appendix 9 - Short Range Endemic (SRE) survey report (pdf 3.5 Mb)

PER Appendix 10 - Subterranean fauna assessments (zip 7.07 Mb)

PER Appendix 11 - DIA Aboriginal Heritage Inquiry System search results (zip 2.37 Mb)


Fauna habitat and conservation significant fauna (pdf 9.81 Mb)

Location, geology and hydrology (pdf 14.7 Mb)

Vegetation and conservation significant flora (pdf 9.01 Mb)

Subterranean fauna and SRE (pdf 26 Mb)

Weeds (6.98 Mb)


Proponent: Fortescue Metals Group Iron Bridge (Aus) Pty Ltd
Status: Final
Report Number: 1514
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