West Pilbara Iron Ore Project Stage 2 - Hardey Proposal


This report provides the Environmental Protection Authority’s advice and recommendations to the Minister for Environment on the proposal to develop and operate the West Pilbara Iron Ore Project Stage 2 – Hardey Proposal by API Management Pty Limited.

API documentation downloads

West Pilbara Iron Ore Project Stage 2 Hardey Proposal API (pdf 3.18 Mb)

Development envelopes - spatial information (pdf 1.56 Mb)

Referral Appendix 1 - Drilling Bore Completion and Groundwater Modelling Report (pdf 18.6 Mb)

Referral Appendix 2 - Noise Impact Assessment (pdf 2.4 Mb)

Referral Appendix 3 - Particulate Modelling Assessment for Proposed Mining Operations 15 Mtpa Scenario (pdf 1.97 Mb)

Referral Appendix 4 - An investigation into the Soils and Soil Landscapes of the Hardey Project Area (pdf 35 Mb)

Referral Appendix 5 - Hardey Subterranean Fauna Sampling Programme (pdf 7.62 Mb)

Referral Appendix 6 - Aquatic Ecosystem Surveys Pre and Post Wet 2011 (pdf 4.97 Mb)

Referral Appendix 7 - Hardey Rail Corridor and Deposit Level 2 Fauna Survey (pdf 16.3 Mb)

Referral Appendix 8 - Hardey Resource Vegetation and Flora Survey (pdf 12 Mb)

Referral Appendix 9 - Hardey Rail and Borrow Vegetation and Flora Survey (pdf 41.6 Mb)

West Pilbarra Iron Ore Project Stage 2 Hardey Proposal Supporting Information (pdf 31.1 Mb)

Release Date: 13 May 2013
Proponent: API Management Pty Limited
Status: Final
Report Number: 1474
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