WA Environmental Offsets Policy

Summary: The Western Australian Government’s Environmental Offsets Policy seeks to protect and conserve environmental and biodiversity values for present and future generations. This policy ensures that economic and social development may occur while supporting long term environmental and conservation values.
Release Date: 27 September 2011

The use of environmental offsets will not replace proper on-site environmental practices, such as avoidance and mitigation. Offsets will be used to compensate for residual environmental impacts and be designed to achieve long-term outcomes, building upon existing conservation programs and initiatives.

Environmental offsets will take account of, and contribute towards, broader State Government conservation objectives through existing programs, policies, initiatives and strategic funds. This includes the establishment and ongoing management of national parks, reserves and other conservation estate.

This policy seeks to ensure that environmental offsets are applied in specified circumstances in a transparent manner to engender certainty and predictability, while acknowledging that there are some environmental values that are not readily replaceable. It serves as an overarching framework to underpin environmental offset assessment and decision-making in Western Australia.

 Download the Western Australian Government’s Environmental Offsets Policy here.

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