EAG6 Timelines for EIA of proposals

Summary: The EPA has updated this EAG in recognition of the need for guidance on the assessment process and associated timelines to provide certainty to all stakeholders, particularly proponents, in relation to the EIA process following amendments to the EP Act on 26 November 2010.
Release Date: 26 November 2010
Details: Environmental Assessment Guideline (EAG) 6 specifically addresses the responsibilities proponents and EPA for achieving timely and effective assessment of proposals. The EAG sets out:
  • the steps in the EIA of a proposal (and target timelines for the EPA’s steps) for the two levels of assessment;
  • the process for establishing proposal-specific timelines;
  • the EPA’s expectations in relation to the information submitted by proponents during the assessment;
  • the process undertaken by the EPA to review proponent information submitted;
  • the right to review process for administrative decisions; and
  • the process for preparing the EPA’s report to the Minister under section 44 of the Environmental Protection Act 1986.

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